Those who are fans of Vangelis at his most dramatic are certain to enjoy Felicetti's Imagination.”

— Judy Markworth, Wind & Wire Magazine

Felicetti picks up where Vangelis left off ... and sometimes hints at John Barry. I have enjoyed listening to Felicetti's Patterns album on many different levels and very much enjoy the 'freely improvised' areas, use of the full range of the piano and the development of pianistic patterns throughout.”

— Jackson Berkey, pianist/composer (former keyboardist, Mannheim Steamroller)

People loved Imagination; your music is very exploratory.”

— Sergiu Rusu (Radio Arad, Rumania)

As a Vangelis fan I find every attempt to capture the magic of his music interesting because it is very difficult; there are not many artists who have managed it:  Symbian, Walter Christan Rothe, Olyam and Felicetti are good examples.”

— Paul Rijkens, Groove Unlimited (Netherlands)

I have no words to express my gratitude for you.  I find your music delicate and sensitive; it takes the listener away from daily problems.  It's great that people such as you exist who really open new doors for this music.  We, no matter where we are, need such music as you compose; it is like a breath for our life.”

— Arthur Szabo (Radio Son)

Imagination is an excellent release.  Sweeping and majestic themes akin to Vangelis.  Amazing!  My listeners really enjoyed it.”

— Jeff Filbert, (Music from the Global Village)

Felicetti's plush piano solos are a revealing and grand followup to the electronic atoms split on Imagination.”

— Gary Dunham (WVUD FM)

I bought a copy of Imagination years ago and still treasure it and play it. It ranks high on my list.”

— Steven Goddard (WVUD FM)

Thank you so much for advancing a copy of your Bringing in the Sun album.  We listened to it over and over ....  You play the piano so gently, like one playing the harp.  ... heavenly sounds.”

— Guy H. (a listener)

This is awesome music.”

— Chris A. (a listener)